Corporate Coaching Programs for Executives, Managers and Leaders*

As an executive you know how to work hard and get things done, yet sometimes
you can get caught in the status quo, the politics and bureaucracy; in your career,
organization, industry, or your life and not doing what you want or know can or
should be done.
 It can seem like that's the only choice because that's what others
(executives or companies) are doing.  You forget your own voice and why you worked so
hard in the first place.  You wanted to make a difference in the world, to do something that
mattered with your life, and you wanted a great life.

Through my executive coaching programs I specialize in reawakening your voice,
your passion and sense of purpose.  I help you trust it and know there is a place
for it... for you.  Helping you do business in a better way... your way.  A way that
brings out the best in you, for you and the business, and builds your spirit.
it's innovative and powerful leadership - as an individual or a company, going for that new
position that isn't just what you can get but what you want, building powerful teams and
empowered individuals, completing a project, adding your values into your job/organization,
or taking your company in a whole new direction.  

My coaching will help you bring what is great about you into the business; your
passion, purpose, and values.
 You will be more fulfilled through your work, your work will
add to your quality of life, and you will reach higher levels of success, as an individual and
organization, increasing the bottom line.  

You worked hard because you wanted to do something big and make your
difference, and have a great life... the way to do that is to trust and value you.  That
is what I specialize in.
 Through powerful a combination of personal and business
coaching (success coaching) and consulting.  
We build your business and systems while
supporting you in valuing who you are, so you can make your difference and be the
person you want to be, inside and out... uniquely, powerfully.

My goal is to empower people who know there is a better way to do life and
business to boldly trust themselves and what they know.
 Empowering you to build
your success, the success of your company/employees, to lead in your business or industry
and to build a better world through your business and the way it does business.  As a
leader, it may be difficult to reach out and ask for help but I'm here to support you.  For
your convenience, my coaching can be done over the phone, and is completely confidential.  
Choose a Coaching Package, or work with me to create your own.  (*Note:  For C-Suite level
coaching contact me for a program created uniquely for you.)

Starting Toward Extraordinary - Three Month Program

You're already successful, now it's time to play bigger, to start toward your dream of doing
something extraordinary... to lead and make the unique difference that only you can make.

Who do you want to be and what do you want to do with your life.  Together we will help
you expand your future possibilities in ways you may not even imagine now through:

  1. Clarifying and owning what you want; your personal mission, your unique contribution,
    and the value of it.  Giving you a powerful vision and foundation to empower you as
    you step forward and lead.
  2. Creating a clear long-term vision and strategy, focusing on the necessary skills and
    systems you’ll need as you grow your self personally and professionally.  
  3. Using your day-to-day possibilities and challenges, I'll help you see where you're great
    and how it benefits others and the organization, we'll face head on what's getting in
    your way and help you grow yourself and your skills, building your confidence and
    personal power to become the leader you want to be.

This will enable you to envision bigger possibilities for your self, your career, your team and
organization and powerfully move into those possibilities.  Owning your value, finding ways
that work for you will help you bring your best self to the table, take bigger actions and
move into the next phase of your career based on who you are, your passion and your
purpose and your unique talents and skills to make your difference and life an extraordinary

This is a three-month very intense immersion program.  It includes weekly coaching
sessions and unlimited telephone and email access.  The sessions include; a goal and
planning session, a special project sessions to dig in and strategize, and a future planning

Price:  $4,950

Transformation Coaching Program - Six Month Program:  

If you're stuck and it's time for a personal or organizational shift.  Use your
adversity as your catalyst to face what's not working and build something new.  
Step powerfully into your personal mission and change you, your company or job in
a bold way.
 This program starts at the ground up.  We look at what's working and what's
not, and make choices about who you want to be and what you want to build with your life.  
Then step into a powerful place of building.  

This transformative program takes you beyond the past, to a future of new
possibilities and greater opportunity for you and/or your company.
 What could you
do?  How would you feel if you were being the person you want to be... and making the
difference you want to make through your work?  This program will give you the tools and
empower you to build something extraordinary.

    This 6 Month Coaching Program Includes:  The first three months will be very
    intense and include weekly sessions as we get you unstuck and on a powerful course
    forward.  The next 3 month’s sessions will be every other week.  The focus will be on
    keeping the forward momentum and building the life you want  and the support you
    need, as you move forward to new levels of success.  The sessions will include a
    powerful planning session to get us started, special project sessions to help us really
    dig in, and a final future planning session.  Your coaching also includes unlimited
    telephone and email access.  (This program can be modified to suit your schedule.)

                           Price:  $7,950        

  Sign-Up Today for a Complimentary Strategy Session or call me at 206.937.1037.  
What My Clients Say:

“Sometimes a great athlete
needs a great coach to get to
an even higher level of
performance. I needed a
push to personally break out
to a new level of performance
and needed a great coach to
push me beyond my own self-
imposed limitations. When
my self talk was limiting she
immediately pointed it out;
when I was right on on what
I needed to do next, she was
reassuring yet pressed me to
think even bigger.  Her
recommendations on
techniques to expand my
horizons were quite creative,
things I wasn't thinking of
but needed to do.

I have been working with Lisa
for about 6 months now, and
I hope that she can continue
to coach me to even higher
performance and greater
success. I would recommend
her to anyone that is looking
to get out of the box and
realize his or her real
potential. As my very own
personal professional
development and success
coach, I give her 5 stars!!!!!”
President for Corporate
Development at SAIC, Col,

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