What Mastermind Attendees Say:

Lisa, I think you have a real magic in working with people. Every time I've
participated in one of your Masterminds, I've come away with something solid,
practical, and truly helpful for my business. And, each time I've connected with
great people who have really good ideas to offer me.

That's where your magic comes in. I think it's because you are guiding us in the
Mastermind process, we all end up being smarter and more imaginative than we
were when we walked in the door! I know I am.  Thank you so much for your
generous sharing of this process - it really makes a difference!  
- Miriam Dyak

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Lisa K. Bradley, CPC
Success Coach, Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker
International Business Coaching, Life Coaching & Training from Seattle, Washington

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"If one has not yet
attended Lisa’s
Master Mind Group.
GO!!!!!!  Take
advantage of her
direct structured
coaching and the use
of all the other
brilliant business
owners in the room.

After that event I
walked away with a
bigger bag of ideas to
pull from in what felt
like a slow drip in my
business, has moved
into a pleasant roller
coaster of enjoyment
and movement.
- Ila Barlean

"I love this event!"
- Ben Resnick

“Wouldn't miss it for
the world.”
- Kristi Bennet

“Mastermind Monday is
- Christian Jacobsen

"Ok, there's great
speakers who create a
whole new type of
thinking for the
business professional,
then there's people
who not only bring a
new type of thinking,
but empower you to
become what you
learn.  Lisa is that
person.  Lisa is
AMAZING.  Her gentle
smile, and wit are
endearing, and her
ability to create a
comfortable learning
environment is second
to none.  
If you have
a chance to go to only
one event a month,
you need to go to
hers.  She's the REAL
-Rob Jones

"You are a positive
force and we need
that more than ever!"
- Ross Cottrell

"As usual,
a productive
and fun event for
I just love
to see all the energy
and your positive
approach to life and
success. This is what
truly makes the
difference between
those who 'think' they
know the road to
success, and those who
present it in Neon
Lights because they've
been there!" - Very
sincerely and always
with a smile, Julian
Michael Portrait Artist/

"Mastermind Monday is
an AMAZING event!!
Our group really tossed
some great ideas
around for each
business. It was
helpful to get other
ideas from business
people. Now, I need to
get my action list
done; this week!
This workshop made
me get off my duff and
I've already
accomplished 2 of my
action items."
- Kerri Kirshner
Phone:  206.937.1037
Mastermind with a Mission

Business Building & Networking Event Seattle / Bellevue Area

Are you an Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner with a personal mission
to make a positive difference in the world through your business?
 Are you
ready to do something extraordinary with your life and your business?  Would you
like some help?  If you do and you're committed to your success and willing to do
what it takes to reach it, and help others do the same… check out Mastermind with
a Mission!

I've design this program to support you in making your difference.  Each
month will include a topic designed to inspire you and give you tools to increase
your success.  The topics come from over 12 years experience coaching small
business owners, entrepreneurs, executives and leaders to trust their way, make
their difference, and build thriving businesses.  Each month will build on the next,
helping you to make something extraordinary of this year.

The topic will be followed by a mastermind session to help you implement
what you learned
.  You'll receive help with your specific business needs.  You
won't just leave inspired, you will have your own clear action steps for your
business to move you to greater success.

Imagine a different networking event... where you really connect with
others, learn a business or success skill, get to show off your talents by
helping others, and get answers to your specific business challenges?  This
is that event!

What’s different about this as a networking event?  Most networking events
are centered around meeting people and exchanging pleasantries and small talk.
This event is all about values-driven people working together, building individuals
and community, while networking and creating greater success.  

The focus is on community, success and solutions: How do I improve the
effectiveness of my marketing? How can I get more clients? How do I move forward
with this product I just developed? You get concrete advice from intelligent,
experienced professionals just like you who have had similar problems or challenges
you're facing with your business. Sometimes it's hard to ask others for help or
advice.  In Mastermind with a Mission you get to give and receive. It's a win-win!

Register Today!

This event is about doing business, and networking, in a new way… focused on
community, success and solutions.  Embracing who we are as human including our
values, knowing what we are capable of, being responsible to make our difference,
and doing it together in innovative and uplifting ways that build community while
building individual success.

So, what do you want to create with your life?  Why not... Go For Extraordinary!

Topics of the Month Include:

Create a Compelling Vision:
 Create a vision that will inspire and empower you to
do what it takes to build a powerful, profitable and successful business... we'll set
you up to Go For Extraordinary!™

Strategize, To Reveal Your Path To Success:  Reach your destination faster,
with fewer mistakes with a clear strategy.   Where are you now, where do you want
to go, and what do you need to do to reach your goal?  We'll set quarterly
milestones and goals, and you’ll have a path before you that will lead you to a
successful year.

Go For Extraordinary!:  Being successful at going for something extraordinary
and making your difference in the world is not just about what you do at work, it’s
about you and your whole life.  We’ll look at who you need to be, what do you need
to do, and how to set up your life to work for you and build you, and make your
success easier.

Passion + Purpose = Greater Profits:  When we bring our passion and our
values into our business our businesses flourish, we thrive and our profits go up.  
Are you bringing what's great about you to your business?  

Half Year Check In & Refocus:  We’ll really dig in, make sure you’re on track and
get excited about the next six months.  We’ll look at where you were in January
compared to where you are now… and see if you’re on track or maybe you’ll be
doing so great, you’ll want to step up your goals for the year!

Your New Glass Ceiling:  If it’s as I expect, it’ll be a powerful a year for you with
lots of great changes in you and your business.  Well raise the roof on your glass
ceiling, get you thinking big and playing bigger.

Are You Losing Possible Customers?:  Have you heard the stories of how a
simple oversight ruined a business?  Well look at the different areas this usually
happens and you’ll get help making sure that doesn’t happen to you and your

Independence and Freedom:  Have you thought about creating passive and
residual income through your business?  We’ll talk about ideas for future financial
freedom and how to set up our business to support our futures.

Harvest:  Well look back over the year and celebrate our accomplishments, wins,
and breakthroughs.  We’ll look at what didn’t work and learn from it (also a win)
and finally, acknowledge our selves for all we did.  All of this will set us up for a
more powerful next year.  And after all that hard work, we’ll go out and celebrate!

Go for a new level of success,  Sign-Up Now!

I'd love to meet you and I'd love to support your success!  Together we can
change the world... and it's time.
Get Free Tips To Create An Extraordinary Life & Business