3 Steps to Un-Limiting Your Possibilities for New Clients?

3 Steps to Un-Limiting Your Possibilities for New Clients?

Whether you’re a business owner looking for clients/customers or a job seeker looking for a job it can feel impossible now… what if it’s not? Here are 3 simple steps to Unlimiting Your Possibilities even during this recession.
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The biggest block people often have about their future possibilities is thinking that what they really want can’t or won’t happen.  Thinking that what they want is too big, too much or just not possible…thinking there aren’t jobs, there aren’t clients/customers.  Or, thinking they don’t have what it takes, that they aren’t good enough to get them.

I think we’ve all been there at one time or another in our lives.  I have, depending on the size of my goal or what’s going on around me, and most of my clients have hit that wall too…no matter how successful they are.  Right now with all the negative news about the recession it’s even easier to feel those ways and we can get stuck.

We get stuck and limit ourselves by thinking something isn’t possible, for whatever reason.  Then without even realizing it, we don’t really try.  We might think we are but we’re not really putting ourselves out there and not going for it.

So, how do you go from limiting your possibilities to having what you want – that great new job or those new clients/customers?

Most say the first part of that process is knowing what you want.  I say there is a step before that.

Step #1:  Open Up To Possibilities.

This isn’t really a ‘to do’ step.  It’s an ongoing practice.  Often before we will even let ourselves know what we want, we have to believe that maybe, just maybe, it’s possible.

– Maybe that great job, the one that you really want is out there waiting for you to fill it.

– Maybe those clients/customers are out there looking for your services right now.

If you knew that, you’d have the positive attitude to go for it, to do what it takes and end up in front of them, ready and willing.  (I don’t want to minimize the challenges going on in the world or your life right now.  I can say this because my clients are getting good jobs/clients/customers even in this recession.  I know this works.)

So, before you even start, don’t pre-judge.  For now, let go of thinking about “How?” or “Is it possible?”  At this point, don’t limit your options.  As you move forward in this process, if those limiting thoughts come up just be aware of them and say, “I’m not sure if that’s true or not” and just leave it. It’s often just fear of the new and what we don’t know, or fear that what we want can’t happen so we don’t even find out.

This is a great place to strengthen that faith muscle… know that the end result will be good and that this is just the process of getting there.  You get to look at the feasibility in Step 3.  For now, just open up to what might be.

– Every truly great accomplishment is at first impossible! – Fortune Cookie

So, when you move into the next step and start thinking about what you really want, thinking of that next job/client/customer and how you’re going to get them just set aside ‘I can’t because…’ or ‘I want this but…’ Let it go.  Now is just a time for curiosity and being open to what you really want.

Step #2:  What Do You Really Want?

So, now… What do you want?  Not what you think you can have or what you think is possible.  This is your time to open up to knowing what you desire for you.

– Your Job – What kind of job, what does it pay, is it close to home, it is downtown, who would you work with, on what… add your passion and your purpose, what would you love?  What do you REALLY want?

– Your Business – How many clients/customers?  What kind of clients/customers?  How much income?  What would you love working with them on/with?  What would you love?  What do you REALLY want?

Be open.  Believe in the possibilities and in yourself.  Any time you get stuck or think it’s not possible… remember… Step #1:  Open Up To Possibilities… to Your Possibilities!  Now again… What do you really want?

– “Whether we think we can or think we can’t, we’re right” – Henry Ford

I’ll be writing a couple more articles to help you clarify what you want, and for now, just think of the highest and best of what you want.  What is your next stretch, your dream, or your vision… what do you want?  Make it realistic and exciting.

So, there’s your want…now the dreaded “but.”  But can it really happen?

Step #3:  I See, I See!  Are you ready to see clearly?

So, this is where the truth comes out.  Often times we pre-judge or limit ourselves without really looking at the real feasibility of things.  Well, so far you haven’t done that.  You have this vision of what you want, that may or may not be possible.  Let’s find out.  By the way, what I’ve noticed from years of working with clients… often when we don’t really stop and think about it, we decide something is impossible, when it really is possible.

The “I See!” helps me remember the deeper meaning of “IC,IC” or “It Can, I Can!”. (You’ll get it in a minute.)

So, “It Can!” is where you question, “Can it be done?  Is what you want possible?”  Think about it, are others doing what you want?

– Are there those jobs out there?

– Are there those clients/customers out there?

– Is someone getting them?

(This is also a great place to come back to and look at, “how?”  If they did, how did they?  What did they do?  What worked?)

So… Can it be done?  If the answer is yes, “It Can!”

Next, “I Can!” is where you question, “Can I do it?”

– Can you do what they’re doing?

– Is it really possible for you?

– Can you take the steps they’re taking and make it work?

Now, do you see clearly?  Can you do it?  Did you come up with, “Yes, It Can!  Yes, I Can!”?  If you didn’t, find something different.  You just saved yourself lots of heartache.

If you did… know that when you really believe something is possible, like now, and see that it is possible for you, that triggers your mind to find ways to make it happen.  Know that.  And, decide you are going to make it happen.  The “How To” comes when you believe you can.  Then you take the next indicated step and your way is already clear… I see!  I see!  Do you feel differently, a sense of possibility?  Greater hope?

Do you see?  You can have what you want. 

1.         Open up to what’s possible.

2.         Know what you want.

3.         Know “It Can! I Can!” and go for it.

So, what’s your next step?  What did the person that was successful do?  What do you need to do?  Go do it!  Now it’s up to you to go get it and if any step along the way feels too big, check in again, Can it?  Can I?  See Clearly.  Open Up To Your Possibilities and Live The Life That You Imagine.

–           “If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”  – Thomas Edison


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Danek Kaus
    Posted by Danek Kaus, Mountain View, California | Apr 30, 2009  Flag_post

    Just what people need to read at this time. Keep up the good work!

    Danek Follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/DanekS

    Entrepreneur Coach, Business Consultant & Motivational Speaker<br /><br />
Seattle, Washington<br /><br />
Lisa Bradley, CPC
    Posted by Lisa Bradley, CPC, Seattle, Washington | May 01, 2009  Flag_post

    Hi Danek,

    Thank you so much. And thank you also for your appreciation… people need to read that at a time like this too.

    To Our Possibilities! Lisa

    Brand Consultant<br /><br />
Phoenix, Arizona<br /><br />
Ken Peters
    Posted by Ken Peters, Phoenix, Arizona | May 01, 2009  Flag_post


    I’ve spent the whole day unsuccessfully trying to avoid the doom and gloom of the news. The media can really bring you down, even when your own outlook is positive. They really hammered me today. I’m glad I took the time to read your article. It’s an affirming way to wrap up the day, and start tomorrow on a positive foot again.


    Ken Peters | Nocturnal Graphic Design Studio

    Internet marketer<br /><br />
citrus Heights, California<br /><br />
Viswanath Vundi
    Posted by Viswanath Vundi, citrus Heights, California | May 02, 2009  Flag_post

    Great article

    Graphic Design and Marketing Consultant<br /><br />
Fairbanks, Alaska<br /><br />
Cassandra Cerny
    Posted by Cassandra Cerny, Fairbanks, Alaska | May 04, 2009  Flag_post

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for a great Mastermind today! Like your article, it was very motivational.


    Entrepreneur Coach, Business Consultant & Motivational Speaker<br /><br />
Seattle, Washington<br /><br />
Lisa Bradley, CPC
    Posted by Lisa Bradley, CPC, Seattle, Washington | May 21, 2009  Flag_post


    I am so glad you’re getting so much out of my article.

    It’s up to all of us to motivate and support ourselves and each other by spreading good, talking about what’s working and appreciating all that we have – in the world and within ourselves.



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