Feeling Stuck? Start Moving.

Sometimes it seems difficult to move forward in our businesses, to make a new start, to get out of ruts, or learn something new.  Then later looking back we can wonder how or why we were stuck.  Yet in the midst of it, it can feel like nothing is working.  So what’s the trick?  As impossible as it feels, as simple as it sounds… just move forward.

If you’re stuck, take a couple deep breaths, and move.  Do that next thing in front of you to do,  even if you’re not sure if it’s right.  When we start moving we get information and clarity.  When we aren’t moving there’s no way to know what’s right or wrong, no matter how much we try to figure it out but we can really get caught in that figuring.  And the longer we sit, that figuring leads to fear and it all seems harder.

Once I was in a store and the lights went out.  It was completely black and I didn’t have my bearings.  For a moment I felt paralyzed in the dark.  Then, after holding my hand up in front of my eyes so I didn’t run into anything and poke them out (a little self care is always good), I started slowly moving.  Soon I had enough information to walk down the aisle.  As I got close to the front of the store moonlight came in and I could better find my way, but if I wouldn’t have started moving that way would not have become clear.

When we get moving, when we bump into things, we might get bruised but we get clear on where we are.  We get information.  And it’s the only way to find our way.

Making mistakes or doing things poorly in business is sometimes the only we can get moving forward.  So, what is that big, bold, outrageous dream you have?  Take a step… pay attention,  learn… and take another step.

I know it sounds too easy but sometimes it is that easy… and feels that hard.  Just take a step… and keep stepping until it you see the light.


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