A Prescription for Success: Are You Doing What It Takes?

A Prescription for Success: Are You Doing What It Takes?

Do you want to be more successful, make more money, have a better life, maybe even better relationships? Are you sure?

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Are you committed to your success, having your life be better, creating strong relationships, or are you committed to… something else?

One measure, look at the results of your business and life. Do you have what you want? Is it the life and the business/work that you dream of?

WARNING: Before we go on, know that you might read the next paragraph and think, “That’s not me. I don’t do that.” But before you quit reading, consider whether you are having the results in your business and are reaching the level of success you want. If the answer is no, then read on… especially if you don’t want to!

The second measure is are you spending your time building and creating what you want? Do you have a plan, goals, are you taking steps each day to build your dream, to create the success that you want? Or… and this is where it gets uncomfortable… Or, are you spending your time making excuses, blaming, complaining, telling your story about why it didn’t or doesn’t work, using the economy as an excuse, or just avoiding thinking about it at all? Yeow!

That might be uncomfortable to read. What’s more uncomfortable is to have your business fail, your life turn out poorly, or to find yourself so deep in debt that you’re overwhelmed because you weren’t facing what wasn’t working. The only way to change things, to have the level of success you want in your business and your life is to face this: Either you are building what you want, or you’re trying to be comfortable with what is really not comfortable by putting the focus on something else.

It is up to you to decide… do you want the success and life you desire or do you want the excuse? You can’t have both. This may sound harsh but I’d rather get in your face now, get you uncomfortable with what’s not working so that you’ll make the changes you need to, to have the life you desire.

That sounds hard until you start doing it. Imagine… going for what you really want instead of settling, finding out that you are the person you always knew you could be, doing the great things that you always knew, somewhere within you, that you could.

There’s a side note here. Maybe you believe that you can’t, that you don’t know how, that you’re not good enough… whatever limiting belief… I’m here to tell you, “IT’S NOT TRUE! YOU HAVE EVERYTHING WITHIN YOU AND AVAILABLE TO YOU TO CREATE THE LEVEL OF SUCCESS AND THE LIFE YOU DESIRE!” You just need to take the first step, then the next… What if you really could have the level of success and life you wanted and the only thing that was stopping you… was you. If you’re not as successful as you want, that’s probably the case. So, let’s get to the solution. The way to change anything is to change what you think, say and do. That’s it.

The Prescription:

  1. Listen to Yourself. What are you saying, in the world and in your head? Are you talking success or failure? Are you talking and thinking, “I can” and “It’s possible”? You’re not going to find solutions if you’re not looking for them. If your thoughts are on “can’t” you’re not looking for solutions, you’re looking for excuses…and you’re smart and capable, so you’ll find whatever you’re looking for.
  2. Get Really Uncomfortable, Face What Isn’t Working. What do you want that you don’t have? Success, great relationships, enough money, time to play. What aren’t you doing that you need to be doing? Are you showing up and following through or not? Are you being the person, on a daily basis, that will get you the success and the life that you want? If you’re not, face it.
  3. DECIDE that you are going to do what it takes to change. Change won’t happen until you decide to make it happen. Get to the point that you say, “I hate this! I want something different! I’m going to do something about it!” Then…
  4. Change Your Thoughts & Words to Support Your Success. There is a catch to this, with all the self help and spiritual tools out there, people are learning to make the uncomfortable comfortable. So use your thoughts and words not to make yourself comfortable with what isn’t working but to believe in yourself and believe that what you desire is possible. Use your words and thoughts to support you in moving forward and going for it. Thoughts and words are often just habitual so stay conscious and practice thinking and talking like a winner until it become a habit, then keep doing it.
  5. DO Something. What I’ve found with my clients and myself is that we know what to do, at least the next step. The trick is, doing it. Do what you know you need to do today. The next step that’s right in front of you, do it. When you’ve done that, what’s next? Do that.
  6. Go For It! Take the risk to do what you really want to do. I know it’s not easy to really go for what you want, to step out on that limb, close that sale, publish that article, talk to that successful stranger, risk… but do you really want an easy life? Or, do you want a life filled with great experiences, being fully alive, believing in yourself and going for your dream, making it happen, going for the real deal?

Now that you have the prescription, use it to create the life and success you want. This may sound hard until you start doing it.  But… imagine going for what you really want instead of settling, and finding out that you are the person you always knew you could be!


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    Chiropractor<br />
Seattle, Washington<br />
Stephen Lachuta
    Posted by Stephen Lachuta, Seattle, Washington | Jan 21, 2009  Flag_post

    Great article. Brought up some great points to think about and help me get things back on track. Thank you. ~Dr. Stephen Lachuta Northgate Chiropractic

    Interactive Marketing Consultant<br />
Portland, Oregon<br />
Jean Ann Van Krevelen
    Posted by Jean Ann Van Krevelen, Portland, Oregon | Jan 21, 2009  Flag_post

    Nice article…I like the kick in the rear factor!

    Effectiveness & Efficiency Expert, Process Improvement Consultant<br />
Seattle, Washington<br />
Pete DiSantis
    Posted by Pete DiSantis, Seattle, Washington | Jan 21, 2009  Flag_post

    Right on Lisa. Get in my face! We have to notice what is not working so we can make a course correction and another, and another, etc.

    Dr. Robert Anthony says, “You can only have two things in life, Reasons or Results. Reasons don’t count.”

    I’m tickled you wrote this article.

    Marketing Executive, Customer Relationship Marketing<br />
Kent, Washington<br />
Phil Germer
    Posted by Phil Germer, Kent, Washington | Jan 23, 2009  Flag_post

    Hi Lisa,

    Good job, I can tell you come from your heart.

    Thanks Phil

    Entrepreneur Coach, Business Consultant & Motivational Speaker<br />
Seattle, Washington<br />
Lisa Bradley, CPC
    Posted by Lisa Bradley, CPC, Seattle, Washington | Jan 26, 2009  Flag_post

    Hi Fabulous Ones,

    I love that you are finding value in this article. That tells me that you really do what better, you want to be successful and go for your dreams. YES! That’s what I want for you too… and why I wrote the article.

    Now… are you (we :) going to do what it takes? Go for it! Do what it takes and have the success and life you dream of. If you need a push, you know where to find me and I’d love to support you.

    To Our Success!

    Real Estate Agent, Realtor, Managing Broker, Real Estate Consultant, Waterfront & View Property Specialist, First-time Buyer Specialist, Trusted Advisor<br />
Bellevue, Washington<br />
Julie A. Hall, MBA
    Posted by Julie A. Hall, MBA, Bellevue, Washington | Jan 28, 2009  Flag_post

    Lisa, This hits home for me. The “just do it” action is really scary for a lot of people, but after last year as a Realtor I decided that I really wanted to be in this business for the long term, so I needed to make some changes, and that meant “just doing it!” Eventually you will get over the uncomfortable stage and your life gets exciting — knowing that you can create what you want for yourself in life is very powerful. Good luck to everyone in 2009! It’s going to be a great year ~

    Online Community for Entrepreneurs<br />
Seattle, Washington<br />
Lynn Baldwin-Rhoades
    Posted by Lynn Baldwin-Rhoades, Seattle, Washington | Jan 29, 2009  Flag_post

    Lisa, your article reminded me of when I get caught up in knots, which is how I think of my “nots”:

    The website’s not up yet, the relationship with the client I want is *not” developed yet, etc.

    Time to loosen those stubborn knots and just move forward with things. Thanks for inspiring me.

    financial services professional<br />
Seattle, Washington<br />
Ross Cottrell
    Posted by Ross Cottrell, Seattle, Washington | Jan 29, 2009  Flag_post


    I really needed to hear this. Thank you for taking the time to write this article. Very helpful and positive.


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