You Have What It Takes… Will You Use It?

Recently I met a new friend for dinner. After hours of amazing conversation we finally left. As we were leaving the restaurant, he mentioned that he’d parked really far away. I laughed and shared that I had too. As we walked toward our cars, we joked about how funny it would be if we’d parked next to each other. As we got closer to our cars that “wouldn’t it be funny” became… an eerie, “that’s weird”. We’d parked one car space apart.

The Space BetweenThis parking lot is at a very big mall (South Center, for those of you in Seattle.) and this was the first time we’d hung out. It was weird.
(And, did you know that Duke’s is non-GMO? Sorry, had to put that in.)

We’re both pretty spiritual and have had our own miracles so we looked for the deeper meaning in the midst of feeling odd about the whole thing. Today he sent me a message with questions and ideas to ponder about the fact that we’d parked one spot away from each other.

“…If one assumes Divine intervention, then the fact that there was a parking space between us could indicate that there is “nothing between us” or “something between us”… the space could indicate an obstacle or lack of an obstacle. It could mean a space or time is needed. It could just be funny and weird. I just thought it would be fun to leave you something to ponder!”

I got that email right before a walk. The walk was an afternoon… out on the beach… in the rain… talking with God about my Calling.

The walk was so amazing and spiritual I’d forgotten the question of the parking spaces until the end of my walk and then it came back to me… the parking space question, thoughts about my calling… and I came to this: That space between us in the parking lot… God brought us that far, the rest was up to us.

We all have a calling, a possibility of who we can be and what we can do. We’re born with it… we are amazing and unique and we all have “something”. And that gap, that parking space between, it was choice. God brought us that close… and the rest is up to us. We have everything it takes… but will we use it?

You have gifts, talents, scars that create wisdom… and in this vast Universe is a place just for you, your Calling. No one else can fill it. No one else knows just what it is or how to do it… only you do. You are that important.

Puzzle Pieces

You have everything… the only question is, will you step into that space and be who and how you are mean to be?

Coaching –

That next step, to create the life we want… We usually know what the next indicated step is, if we pay attention. The steps don’t always look like we expect them too; an odd idea, a person to call, something that sparks your soul and feels exciting or scary (in that life-giving way), a thought that keeps poking, that book you’re staring at, a nudge, a kindness, an “everyone should have this!”… if you stop and tune in, you’ll know.

Take a couple deep breaths. Open to what you really want. Think about what it could be like if you just trusted and took your next step today.

What is your next indicated step?_______________________

Take that step. When you’re ready for another, check in again, and keep following that path. Before you know it, you will be clearly on your way!

Live your life… have the experience of being your magnificent self.

I adore you.


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