Beyond Goals… the Power of a Compelling Vision

Have you set goals this year that you’re excited about, goals that are worthy of you and how great you are, that give you something exciting to strive for… something that is worth a year of your life?

Your Vision

The New Year has started, the dust has settled and if you’re that type of successful person that chooses their destiny, you’ve probably taken time to set your goals for the year.  If you’re a winner, you’re probably already acting on them…  Let me ask you, are your goals really worthy of you?  Are they what you really want out of your life?

Let’s say your goal is… I will make $100,000.00 this year, loose 30 pounds, I’ll get that promotion, that new house, work on my marriage, and be a better parent.  So maybe that’s not in your ball park but let’s pretend… 

Is that really a worthy goal for you?  Isn’t there a call in you to do something more, to be something more… to be who you are capable of being, to build a life that is meaningful, fulfilling, doing what matters to you and gives your life a sense of purpose?

Do you get how amazing you are?  You are magnificent.  You have the power within you to make a difference in the world, to do something with your life that is really worth doing.  Are you going to do it this year?

Whether we set goals or not, we often go through life accomplishing but is what we accomplish really what we want?  Is it what we want to spend our life on, or is it the shoulds and doing what our peers do? 

Have you had the experience of reaching that level of success you so longed for, got there and thought, “Is this it?”  Maybe you didn’t even reach your goal because it wasn’t exciting or compelling; it wasn’t what you really wanted to do with your life, and you end up not feeling great about your self or your life. 

We want more.  We want our lives to have meaning and purpose.  We want work that really values who we are and stretches us to fulfill our potential.  We want to make a difference in the world, to do something that really matters.  We want goals and a vision that show us that we believe in our selves and in what we can do.  Right? 

Imagine… believing in your self so much that you set big goals, goals that include you making a difference in the world.  You creating a compelling vision that inspired you to go for it because it sounded so exciting and filled you with so much passion, sense of purpose and gave your life meaning. 

Whatever industry you’re in, you could be a leader in changing that industry for the better.  You could run your business on your values, and even show how values-driven businesses are more profitable.  You could raise awareness and create change in how things are done – any industry, you name it.  You could express and lead in powerful social, environmental or even spiritual* practices through your business.  (*which could mean religious or could mean practices and ways of being in business that build someone’s spirit, for your employees and customers, and even bigger by your choice in the messages you send through your ads and commercials, etc.)

Maybe there’s a book in you, something that will inspire and empower others or raise awareness or consciousness.  If you work for a non-profit, maybe figure out how to make it more profitable, a healthier organization that empowers those you serve better – more social entrepreneurism.  The list goes on and on.

We all have something, whether you’re in a job or have your own business, there is a way that you could make a difference in the world though it.  Yes, you could be Gandhi, Mother Theresa… or think of the impact Bill Gates has had on all our lives, or the person who invented post-it notes.  Think of the impact all those people who didn’t stand up and say, “this isn’t right” that went along with things at Enron.

We are so amazing and living such small lives.  Most of us are living the status quo, even if successful.  Was being a CEO at Enron something to be proud of?  (Sorry I’m picking on Enron but the other companies I’d like to poke at are still around, and I don’t want to do that.  I’d rather have us change the way business is done so those businesses that don’t practice good social and environmental values go under.  Imagine that world.  Let’s build that world!  It’s up to us.)

Also, don’t get me wrong, I think we should make lots of money while positively changing the world – it needs to be sustainable, fun would be good too.  Making a profit should and can be done with values, with our humanity and consciousness intact.  A combination of The 3 P’s – Passion, Purpose & Profit ©.

Businesses are leading the direction of the world… why fight it.  Let’s just change the direction of business and do something worth doing though our work and be very successful at it.  On the cover of “values-driven business” by Ben Cohen and Mal Warwick is the line “how to change the world, make money, and have fun”.  That line is a great food for thought and I highly recommend the book.

So, how about you?  How about goals really worth your time, your life, and your talents?  Goals that excite and inspire you, that fill you with passion… something to do that gives your life meaning and purpose.  Goals and accomplishments that make you feel great about who you are, and how you are being in the world…proud of your self.  How would that change your life, your relationships?  How would that change your world… and our world?

Isn’t it time we really started being who we can be and living lives true to how amazing we are…and true to who we are in our hearts and souls?  We don’t have to sell out or play small.

What do you really want to do, not just this year but with your life?  And beyond business goals, what do you want to do through your business?  What impact do you want to have in the world?

 “Your willingness to create a new dream or vision for your life is a statement of belief in your own potential” – David McNally’s book “I Believe In You”

We can change the course of our destiny by setting a new direction for our lives.  Think of two planes leaving an airport… just a small difference in their direction will take them to two totally different destinations. 

Go back to your goals… what do you really want to do with your life this year?  Go for it!  You can make a difference!


  • Here’s to a life lived with purpose! | Posted by Brittany Faulkner, Seattle, Washington
  • Excellent article Lisa, I agree completely! One of the biggest problems in the world is people just don’t think big enough. As of this week, I decided that my ultimate goal is to be the ultimate success catalyst; to completely transform the world in all areas. I’m not afraid to say it, because I am 100% confident in my thorough and specific action plan and ability to take massive action to follow through. Another problem is that many of the people who do think big just don’t follow through on their goals. The biggest difficulty in influencing others through information products is there is a tendency to be temporarily inspired but let it wear off without taking action. This is where a coach or accountabilibuddy is so important and valuable. | Posted by Ben Resnick, Seattle, Washington