Are You Changing?

Did you set goals and resolutions, and are you keeping them?  It’s February… has anything changed for you this year?

We often try to change things without really changing. What? Let’s say you set a New Year’s resolution to raise your income, but you’re hanging out with people that complain about how hard it is to make money. Or, you decide to lose weight but you meet friends at the bakery you always meet at, overeat at, and talk about food at. Or, you want to go for it in your business but keep thinking the same old negative thoughts instead of choosing new thoughts, and you have few if any entrepreneurs in your life that are going for it.  (I hear that often from my clients and have done it myself.)

Change rarely happens in a vacuum, but resolutions are often a focus on just one area of our lives. We decide to change without looking at what’s creating and affecting why we are the way we are. Not that we can’t change, it’s just much harder in a vacuum.

Imagine instead growing your business surrounded successful entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who are going for it, moving forward and doing what it takes,  learning from them, being empowered and inspired by them, reading books about what you want to learn or taking classes, and of course, having your own coach.  Wouldn’t it be easier?  Yes.  And that’s true in every area of life.  What the most successful people know is that it does not happen in a vacuum.

So, to make this year Extraordinary, what really needs to change for you to have that goal that you want? Ready, a little coaching:

  1. What is your goal?
  2. Where do you want to be in 30 days?

  3. What’s holding you back?  What or who do you need to let go of or be around less?

  4. What could you do to support your success (what do you need to learn, practice, grow, who do you need to be around)?
  5. What will you commit to (small consistent steps forward)?
  6. What will you do today?

To make the changes you want; plan, choose new actions and thoughts, learn new skills and ways of being, and have a community that has or supports that new that you’re going for. Look for what will support your success and release what doesn’t, do what you can today… and of course, celebrate you and your success as you move forward. This will all increase the possibilities and height of your success exponentially!

To your wild and wonderful success!

Go for your dream, make your difference… Live an Extraordinary Life!

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Open To Your Possibilities?

Someone once called me Mariposa… which means Butterfly and sounds beautiful in Spanish.

I thought about that… and it fits, yet I realized I hadn’t been using my wings. A part of me forgot that I am no longer a caterpillar and instead of my wings being these beautiful things to lift me and take me to my next destination with ease and beauty… gliding along… they were weighing me down. Like a caterpillar with luggage and the wrong legs to carry it.caterpillar

Sometimes, when something happens we get off track. Whether that something is personal or professional or something outside of us like the economy or getting laid off, we forget how amazing and beautiful we are, we forget the tools that we have, and we forget how capable and able we are to create the life and experience we want.

Open Up To Your Possibilities!

The first step in my “What Piece of the Puzzle Are You? Five Steps to Your Right Livelihood!” workshop is “Open Up To Possibilities”. I put that step in because people kept telling me their dreams like this… “I’d love to do this job or that, work with this client or that, have this business or that… but…”  I’m too old, too young, don’t have this or that skill, etc. (you fill in the rest. What’s your but?) And what I know from working with clients over the years is that those “but”s are not true, they are just fear and resistance… forgetting how much choice and power we have to create our destiny.

So… know you are your amazing self.  Now… what is really possible for you. Start that “I’d love to…” leave off the “but” put in an “and… today I will_____(your action step here)_____ because I know I can do it, I do have what it takes, I deserve to have what my heart desires, and the Universe will support me.”

Just like the Mariposa… how must that first flight feel? To have been a caterpillar all ones life, afraid of falling… and then have wings and need to fly. You cannot fly unless you trust your wings, that inner tug inside that says “You are so much more… fly!” That tug within you, that dream of who and how you want to be, is the truth of you. Your wings are already there… use them.freedom butterfly

Affirmation: Today I recognize what’s good in me. I know my good and my talent. I take my next bold step knowing that I will be supported… that God and the Universe are on my side. (Vision the ease and joy of flying.)

Go, take your place in the world and be all you are meant to be…

xo xo,