What do you really want to do with your life?

This strange time, during this pandemic and all the time we’ve had out of our normal lives has many people thinking about what they really want out of life.  The way we’ve been doing life when seen from outside of our daily status quo, doesn’t seem right any more.

The prospective clients I’ve spoken with in the last couple months are thinking differently than they were before.  They don’t want to go back to the same old job or business as usual.  They want more.  More, meaning both more purpose, more life and more from themselves.  They are wanting to play bigger and be bolder, to focus on what really matters to them, to not have lives of consumption and business as usual but to live lives based upon their values.  Values of family, connection, focus on the greater good not just us versus them or self-interest.  They want real lives, connection, passion, something worthy of their time and their life.

Today I did a Strategy Session, my introductory phone meeting, with a possible client who’s in this place right now.  She’s this amazing woman with passion, great skills, experience and ideas.  And, she’s not sure how to move forward.  How to take all she has and make something extraordinary and extraordinarily hers.  She doesn’t know where to start or mostly, she’s not sure what’s even possible. 

As I listened, I started to see a possibility of what she could do, the business she could build and the impact she could have in the world.  The more we talked about it, the closer and more possible her dream became. All those gifts, talents, experiences coming together almost like life being her higher education for her purpose in life (which often happens). 

What about you?  What do you really want?

What has life, to this point, given you that would thrill you to share with the world?  The mix of the education, the experiences, the hobbies, the challenges, the growth from those challenges, the things you’ve done, your passion, your values, and the unique and amazing individual you are… what is all of that culminating to bring you to?

The trick is to get past the “but…”.   “I want to do this new thing, but…”, “but… I’m not sure how”, “but… I’ve never done it before” or whatever that voice in your head may tell you.

What I’ve found in 18 years of coaching and in my own life experience is that you’re probably closer than you think.  What it takes moving forward one step at a time in that new direction, even if you’re not sure what that step is.  Just taking the next indicated step.  The idea than intrigues you, that call or email that you feel like making even if it doesn’t make sense.  Just do it and see where it leads.  Then do it again. And again.

So, for your next chapter in life, what’s your next step?  Read the book, learn the skill, call that person, sign up for that class. Just take that next step. If it feels too hard, chunk it down and do the first part of it. ✓ Done. Then the next. ✓Done. Gain momentum, knowledge, friends, and new experience one step at a time with a focus, no matter foggy, and see what happens.

You never know how close you may be until you start moving.

If it isn’t already obvious by what’s going on in the world, let me say it.  The world needs you… You!  The world needs you to stand up, to use your voice for good, to make your unique difference, to share your gifts, talents and wisdom.  And if you’re reading this, I’m betting you need you to do this for you.

Your future is full of possibility.  It’s closer and easier than you think.  And it starts with one step in the new direction, followed by another.

Go!  You got this!


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