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What My Clients Say:

"Before working with Lisa I
had toyed for a year with
the idea of hiring a
business/life coach. When I
met her at her mastermind
event, I knew I’d found my
coach! Lisa has a terrific
combination of no-B.S.
sensibilities wrapped in a
nurturing, warm,
encouraging persona.

Her coaching has set me
on a lifelong path of
confident accomplishment.
She’s given me the tools
and structure to live every
day powerfully. My
business is growing (in a
recession, mind you!), I
am fit and healthy, and my
relationships . . . both
personal and business. . .
have never been stronger
or more rewarding.

If you’re considering hiring
Lisa as a coach but find
that you’re hesitant for any
reason, take advantage of
her free Strategy Session.
Like me, you might find
that it’s your first step into
a most gratifying future."
- Jess Robinson, LithtexNW

I highly recommend Lisa
Bradley as a coach. In just
3 short months I went
from feeling like I getting
nowhere fast to finding a
great job - even in a tough
economy - making
valuable new friendships
and really getting the life I
want.  -
Dana Sprinkel,
www.Dana Sprinkel.com

In the few short months I
worked with Lisa, I went
from kicking around an
idea for a new company
with a partner to launching
the company and landing
paying clients.  This would
not have happened had I
not been focused on
opportunities and making
things happen.  
- Joan
Melgaard, Co-Founder and
Director, Hague Compliance

Lisa is an amazing coach. I
have made a quantum leap
in my practice and my life
through her skilled and
incredibly caring approach.
Lisa personifies what it
means to “be a coach” not
just “doing coaching.”  
- Richard Baum, Career

If you're looking for a
positive respectful coach
who will encourage you to
push you past your own
perceived limitations --
look no further than Lisa's
shining face!  -
Basey, Massage Therapist,

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What is Coaching... and What Is It Like To Work with Me?

My coaching is a powerful combination of business coaching and consulting, personal
development and life coaching.  The results my clients tell me they get, along with
greater business possibilities and success, are more confidence and personal power, a
trust in themselves, better relationships, a freedom to create the life and experiences
they want in a way that many have never experienced before... and dare I share, a love
and appreciation of who they are.  So they are playing bigger and going after whatever
they want in life and business.

Unlike many other coaches, my sessions are weekly versus monthly or every other week
because my clients are leaders, not followers.  So instead of a turnkey approach or even
just focusing on business, it's like a success immersion program.  I walk beside you and
help you turn up the volume on your voice and your own wisdom, so you find
your way
of doing.  This creates confidence and personal power.  Being there with you helps me
shine the light on what’s working, what you do remarkably well, what your gifts and
passions are, and of course what’s getting in your way… in ways that are empowering
and enlightening.

We use growing your business as an opportunity to grow you, a springboard to ignite
your spirit and passion, to have you step into your power and wisdom.  You find what’s
best about you and for you, and bring that into your business.  That changes
everything... your business and your life.  

We do this by looking for your next opportunity to grow your business and you, and
then learn from it.  We see where you move forward easily and where you get stuck and
build whatever skills, personal or professional, needed to help you move forward.  It
sounds simple, and it is but it's not always easy.  Pushing past beliefs and limits, doing
new things, believing positively about your self, your business or the world around you
in ways you haven't are a stretch and challenging... and exciting too.

Through this process your success and confidence expand, you see and know the value
of your gifts, talents, products… which of course makes you naturally want to play
bigger and do so with ease.  You can have greater success than you thought possible
and do it in a way that empowers you, that feels Right to you.  

That is what Going For Extraordinary™ is all about.  It's you going for what you
want.  You stepping into your power and creating your life.  Owning your talents, using
your wisdom through your business processes, and trusting your self is so empowering
and powerful, it compounds your effectiveness, your personal freedom to reach higher,
and the belief in your self to go for and get it.  Increasing your reach, impact, profits
and personal fulfillment... and you doing what you are here to do, making your
difference in a powerful way.

If this sounds right for you and you're ready to do the work, to push past your limiting
beliefs and whatever has been holding you back, and go for what you really want... I'd
love to support your success and help you make your difference in the world and have
the life you dream of.  

Here are my areas of coaching and programs: Entrepreneurial & Small Business
, Career Coaching, Executive Coaching or Corporate Coaching.  

Then your next step is to sign-up for a
Complementary Strategy Session.  In this
45 minute coaching call we'll clarify your vision, uncover what's getting in your way and
create a strategy for you.  If you're ready to step boldly forward and make your
difference, sign-up today and we'll see what we can do for you.  

As I say... Go for your dream, make your difference... Live an Extraordinary Life.™

To Your Success!
Be someone amazing... Be Your Self!©
Lisa K. Bradley, CPC
Success Coach, Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker
International Business Coaching, Life Coaching & Training from Seattle, Washington

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