What My Clients Say:

"In the three months I've been working with Lisa, I've accomplished more
than I ever thought possible. Lisa believes in me and the work I do, and her
confidence is just the boost I need to really dig in and grow my business. I
feel excited and capable after our weekly talks and I always hang up the
phone with several new great ideas.

The biggest personal change I've made is I no longer let fear, or nerves, get
in my way of getting started. This shift in my mindset has led to new clients,
a new and improved website that I'm proud of, and a clear vision of how to
grow my business. As a small business owner, it's easy to feel overwhelmed
but having Lisa in my corner makes it that much easier."
- Jamie Shannon, Bellingham, Wa Life Coach for Teens.com

"It's hard to find words for my wonderful experience working with Lisa. The
best way I can describe her is she's my Zen Business Therapist. She has an
excellent balance of optimistic support mixed with purposeful drive that
helps me stay on task without beating myself up. The result is that I have
grown mentally and spiritually while advancing as an entrepreneur. The
encounter has been beyond all of my expectations!"
- Aubrey Lesicki, Seattle,
Breast Remedy Seattle.com & New School of Bodywork.com

"Sometimes a great athlete needs a great coach to get to an even higher
level of performance. I needed a push to personally break out to a new level
of performance and needed a great coach to push me beyond my own self-
imposed limitations. In short order, the team -player and coach- were on a
roll. When my self talk was limiting she immediately pointed it out; when I
was right on, she was reassuring yet pressed me to think even bigger. Her
recommendations on techniques to expand my horizons were quite creative,
things I wasn't thinking of but needed to do.

I would recommend Lisa to anyone that is looking to get out of the box and
realize his or her real potential. As my very own personal professional
development and success coach, I give her 5 stars!!!!!"
- Randall W. Chapman, Vice President for Corporate Development at SAIC,
Col, USAF, Ret., PMP, Centreville, VA  
Quantum Radical.com

"I will be forever grateful for Lisa. I was supremely stuck and feeling pretty
hopeless. I had been looking for work for 10 months, going on interviews and
not being selected. My feelings of rejection were sabotaging everything in my
life. Lisa helped me to remember that I am talented and worthy of all of my
dreams coming true. She helped me to figure out "What do I REALLY want".
Her encouragement has been invaluable.

Lisa is intuitive, bright, skilled, compassionate and the BEST cheerleader
anyone could hope for. Her coaching is not just about meeting goals, she
helps you see your most bright and shiny self achieving fantastic aspirations.
Monday is the first day of my new job in my exciting new career."
- PJ Harris,
Seattle, WA

"Lisa is the perfect combination of tough and gentle, leader and spectator,
teacher and friend. In the time I've been working with her my life and
business have completely transformed. I'm living my dream and loving every
minute of it!"
- Jeff Tolbert, Film and Video Composer, Seattle, WA

"Lisa has been so great to work with! She asked the important questions that
helped me discover the answers I may have known all along but wasn’t open
to seeing. Her encouraging and caring, yet tough, approach to both life and
business helped me to make changes in my business that I didn’t think were
possible before."  
- Heidi Skievaski, Sublime Garden Design.com

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Be someone amazing... Be Your Self!©
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Are You Ready to Go For Your Dream?

You’re an entrepreneur with personal mission and a big dream.  Your business
is more than business, it’s your calling.  Maybe you question, “Who am I to do
this?” or you want up-level your business and you’re not sure how, but you’re
ready to do whatever it takes to make your difference in the world.

Make Your Unique Difference

Imagine stepping up and going for your dream, and having a business based
on your values and what you do best.  A business that reaches and positively
impacts your customers, clients, or patients through all you do.  A business
that reflects who you are and is powerful and profitable.

As a Business Coach and Personal Success Strategist I help you own what
you're great at, do what you’re meant to do, and grow you and your
business. Using your unique talents, skills, wisdom, passion, and values we do
whatever it takes to build you business including:

· Know your ideal clients and customers – Your Niche and Target.
· Know how to attract and enroll them – Marketing and Sales.
· Create products, services, and programs to meet their needs.
. And build your confidence.

To powerfully and profitably serve those you are meant to serve and have
work that feeds your Soul and your wallet.

Be You and Live an Extraordinary Life!

Your dream is possible.  If you are ready to step up, believe in you and what
you have, and share it with the world
Sign Up for Complimentary Coaching
Strategy Session and find out how we can work together to build a business
and life you love, being the unique and extraordinary person you are!

If you need more information first, click here and read
what Coaching with
Me is like.  If you have a difference to make, I would love to support your

Imagine, Going For Extraordinary™, for something so worth the climb that
who you are being and the journey itself make your life... I dare you!
Lisa K. Bradley, CPC
Business Coach, Consultant,Trainer & Speaker
International Business Coaching, Life Coaching & Training from Seattle, Washington

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