Strengthen From Within During Coronavirus

This is a challenging time. I had a client call 10 minutes before her appointment to cancel because she was giving an emergence press briefing. Yesterday a client, who is always right on time, totally missed her appointment. Those are not the norm. We can fight it and try to be our normal amazing selves that show up when we say we will and do great (while thinking we aren’t “good enough” btw) or give ourselves an experience that we will probably never have in our lives again. A time out of our status quo, and just getting to be. (Take a breath.)

Take some time for you. Remember this is a challenging time and it’s okay not be okay. Let your self be human. Remember to breathe. And open up to the possibility of something new and good for you coming out of this strange and challenging time.

I’ve had my coaching business for 18 years and I have never had a time where things, including myself, are so relaxed and messy. Both of my clients were both so apologetic but because I’m aware of the impact of this pandemic on me and being gentle and supportive with my self, I’m the same way for them, and empathize for all of us.

We are human. This time is really challenging for us. And, one of the things that adds to the challenge of it is that there’s nothing wrong that we can really put our finger on. There is nothing to fight just this silent, invisible enemy that may be in anyone around us. That is seriously stressful.

So, give your self a break. Be gentle with you… which will help you be gentle with those around you, and your customers, clients, employees, family members, etc. Then use this time out of your status quo, let your self just be, to look around you and make different choices about your life and work. Choices from within.

Within every challenge is the opportunity
to grow and become more
of who we want to be… and it’s up to us

to find and use that opportunity.
Lisa K. Bradley

How to do this? Go to that tool that sustains you. Pick up that book, that practice, that whatever it is that supports you when things are tough. I’ve pulled out Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” and am gently reading a little bit each day to give me peace and center me. I’m gently easing through the 12 Steps to ground me and keep me from trying to control this uncontrollable situation. I’m also gardening which started this year in my living room, the first time I’ve planted veggies inside. It gives me something good to do with my hands when I feel anxious or feel like there is something I should be doing but am not sure what that is. I’m also exercising, and taking more time off than usual because I need it.

What works for you? What are the tools or practices that work for you? Think back to a time when you were doing a practice that improved your life or something that grounded or centered you. Or, open up to something new that you’ve wanted to do and maybe not had time.

This is a time to strengthen our selves from within. It’s an opportunity as we are out of our status quo and our regular lives, to start something new. Something that may create a new and better normal for you moving forward.

Questions for Strengthening You:
– What will you start today or tomorrow morning to support your self?
Be gentle, take small and consistent steps.
– From within, what do you need or want more of to feel more safe, more secure, more grounded?
– How would you like to be during this time?

Ideas for Strengthening You:

– Books:
Louise Hay “You Can Heal Your Life”,
Napoleon Hill “Think & Grow Rich”,
Jeff Olson “The Slight Edge”
Darren Hardy “The Compound Effect”
Mel Robbins “Stop Saying Your Fine”
Or that book you’ve been wanting to read.

– Hobbies:
Painting, drawing, learning a language, or something you loved doing as a kid.

– Self Care & Spiritual:
Meditation, yoga, music, board games, cards, being silly and laughing.

Remember, this is a challenging time and it’s okay not be okay right now… and it’s also a time of possibility. Something new and good can come out of this time of being out of our status quo and our regular lives. We can start something new but first we must strengthen our self from within to respond versus react to what is so we can be present to ourselves and the possibilities around us.

I’d love to hear what you’re doing that support you during this time, what’s been helpful, and books that inspire, ground and support you.

Be Well!


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