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What My Clients Say:

Through Lisa's coaching
and keen listening, she
helped me see what was
missing in the
company.  We are
family owned and
operated but hadn't
realized how important
being a part of that
family is to our
employees, including our
sales and management

She helped us use those
values to give our
employees a new passion
for their work, a
mission.  We'd forgotten
we were all in this
together.  Morale was
raised, we became a
powerful team again,
including our sales force.
Our sales and profits
have increased because
of Lisa's insights.
- Mike W., Vice President
of Finance, Company of
600 employees.  Seattle,
Building An Extraordinary Business

What is an Extraordinary Business?  Innovative ways of doing business that positively impact
the world while making a profit.  Giving you and your employees and even your customers
something to believe in - passion, purpose, potential.  Increasing employee and customer
retention and esteem, greater production and personal pride, and an increased bottom line.

Business is our way of making a difference in the world, not just through our product or
service but the impact we have on the world around us through all we do.  What do you really
want to do through your business and your career?  You can make a difference and make a
great profit because of it.

My Corporate Programs  

Do you have a special project, want to build your leadership skills, want a more powerful and
empowered team, to bring more values into your business, or take your company in a new
direction and to a new level?  I will help.

I offer a combination of Individual or Team Coaching, Consulting, Mastermind Groups and
Workshops.  We work together to build a program that is right for you.

Corporate Coaching - Team Coaching - Consulting - Masterminding

I work one-on-one with Executives, Managers, or Company Leaders or with the whole group
to find innovative ways of doing business that make a positive difference and increase your
bottom line - increased marketability, employee and customer buy in, and profits.   

Whether you have a special project, want a more powerful team, a better work environment
or want to dig in and restructure your company or any part of it to be more values-driven.

I specialize in:

  • Helping you trust your self and lead... individually or as a company in your industry.
  • Creating powerful teams... either helping you build that team, building it with you, or
    setting up Mastermind Circles within your company.
  • Helping organizations uncover and express their values.
  • Providing a personal mission for you and your employees based on the values
    already within the company.  Increasing employee retention and fulfillment, and
  • Clarifying your values and making them "your mission" (not just the statement)
    can turn a     company around.  This is especially useful in this economy.  We all
    want something to believe in, and we naturally work harder and feel better with a
  • Supporting companies in taking full advantage of the assets you have.  Helping
    you focus on strengths and working together, creating an organizational shift and
    greater sustainability that will help you, your employees and your business to thrive.
  • Using Masterminding for better and faster results, while building a stronger
    team.  This is     powerful for an organization, a team, or along side a Project Manager.  

Please call 206.937.1037 or email me to discuss your needs, together we can create
a strategy specifically for you and your organization.

For information on Executive Coaching Click Here:  Executive Coaching
Every business impacts the
world socially,
environmentally and
spiritually (breaking down or
building people's spirit)
through it message, it's
products and services, it's
way of conducting itself.

What impact would you like
to have through your
Lisa K. Bradley, CPC
Success Coach, Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker
International Business Coaching, Life Coaching & Training from Seattle, Washington

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Entrepreneur Coach
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