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Powerful and Inspiring Workshops and Keynotes for Entrepreneurs
and Leaders with a Personal Mission to Change the World with
Lisa K. Bradley, Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator and Mastermind Leader.

Are you ready for a powerful event?  Lisa K. Bradley, CPC, has a natural way of connecting
with and engaging your group. She motivates and inspires in a way that lasts beyond her
workshops, empowering you to become what you learn. She has the ability to expand
your thinking of what's possible and get you to go for it.  With warmth and wit she
challenges and inspires while fostering an environment that builds community and
individual empowerment.

For over 14 years she has worked internationally with hundreds of entrepreneurs and
teams, helping them build powerful businesses that make a difference in the world. Her
coaching, consulting and workshops are all designed to empower you to dream bigger and
give you tools to go for that dream.  Helping you increase the impact and profit of your
business while expanding your personal fulfillment.


Speaking Topics

Starting Toward Extraordinary!
If your having a conference or day long event, this is a powerful talk to end with.

What could you do?  Are you ready to stop going for what you think you can have and go
for what you
really want?  As human beings we get stuck in ruts of belief about who we
are and what we can do. Let me help you see the possibilities before you and help you
know that you can go for that dream that you desire and make your difference powerfully.  
This is your time.  

Go For Extraordinary!
    This is a great talk for networking groups, teams of employees or students, or any
    place the individuals and the group would benefit by taking personal responsibility to
    build something extraordinary on their own or together.

Who could you be?  Let me inspire you to see what you have within you and what you can
do.  See what's possible for you to build and experience, in any area or situation.  
Ordinary people do the extraordinary every day.  Let me help you find your next step to
Go For Extraordinary!™  

The Adventure of Your Life
    Turn a company adversity or challenge into an opportunity for your team to step up,
    come together and do something great.

Be inspired to turn your challenge into your adventure.  An adventure of going beyond
your status quo, learning and growing, discovering what you're made of, building the
business you dream of that incorporates your passion, your purpose, and a profit -
greater success and impact.  Step into greater possibilities and live to your potential, feel
great about what you do and who you are.  Know that you can do whatever you set your
mind to.  You can have your dreams.  You can build the life and success you desire.

An Extraordinary Business
    This is a great event for a leadership meeting or a trade show to get everyone
    thinking bigger.

Are you ready to be inspired to think outside of the box?  What could you really do with
your business?  Think forward, imagine innovative ways of doing business.  There is
traditional business where we do what's always been done, conventional where we take
and use whatever we want for selfish or near-sided gain, sustainable business that
perpetuates itself and doesn't negatively impacting the future.  Isn't there more?  We are
amazing human beings.  What about doing something extraordinary.  Innovative ways of
doing business that positively impact the world while making a profit.  Thinking outside of
the box, not "what's been done" but "what can be done" to build bigger and bolder, better
businesses.  Let me inspire you to do the extraordinary that you can do through your

Add a Mastermind Session to Any Workshop for Better Results

To  make any of my programs more powerful, add a Mastermind Session.  Help your team
integrate the solution, and transform inspiration into action.  Create powerful and lasting
results and help your team win.  I offer a combination of Individual or Team Coaching,
Consulting, Mastermind Groups and Workshops.  We work together to build a program
that is right for you.

Please call or email for speaker rates. A 50% deposit is required to reserve the
date with the balance due on the day of the event. Special considerations may be
made for non-profit organizations. To invite me to speak at your event,
email me
or call 206.937.1037.
If we all work together
for the greater good,
imagine what we can
accomplish, as
individuals, and as a
whole.  Imagine. Now
go do it!  
The world needs you.  
Lisa K. Bradley, CPC
Success Coach, Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker
International Business Coaching, Life Coaching & Training from Seattle, Washington

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