Entrepreneur Coach
There are moments of clarity and frustration, when we see that where we are is
just a fraction of who we can be and the difference we can make.  That moment
can be the catalyst to get you on track to the life you dream of.

You have it within you to do extraordinary things.  It's time.  Step up, boldly
take your place in the world, and make your difference.  

This 45-minute coaching call will help you clarify your vision, see the top reasons
you aren't getting the results you desire, and create a strategy to get you from
where you are to where you want to go.

You'll find out how I work and what we can do together to support you in living
an extraordinary life and powerfully making your difference.  You'll see how
coaching with me will help you play bigger and get there faster.  Sign up today, I
would love to support your success!
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What My Clients Say:

I love Lisa.  Her focus and attention to
detail have been superb.  What is
important for me is how easy it is to
open up with Lisa and unearth what will
serve and support me to live a full and
visionary life.  I feel blessed.
- Scott Wurtz, Seattle, WA

Lisa is the perfect combination of tough
and gentle, leader and spectator, teacher
and friend. In the time I've been working
with  her my life has completely
transformed. I'm living my dream and
loving every minute of it!

- Jeff Tolbert, Film and Video Composer,

“Before working with Lisa I had toyed for
a year with the idea of hiring a
business/life coach. When I met her at
her mastermind event, I knew I’d found
my coach!

Lisa has a terrific combination of no-B.S.
sensibilities wrapped in a nurturing,
warm, encouraging persona.  Lisa's
coaching has set me on a lifelong path of
confident accomplishment. She’s given
me the tools and structure to live every
day powerfully. My business is growing
(in a recession, mind you!), I am fit and
healthy, and my relationships. . . both
personal and business. . . have never
been stronger or more rewarding.

If you’re considering hiring Lisa as a
coach but find that you’re hesitant for
any reason, take advantage of her free
Strategy Session. Like me, you might
find that it’s your first step into a most
gratifying future.

- Jess Robinson, LithtexNW

In the few short months I worked with
Lisa, I went from kicking around an idea
for a new company with a partner to
launching the company and landing
paying clients.  This would not have
happened had I not been focused on
opportunities and making things
- Joan Melgaard, Seattle, WA

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Lisa K. Bradley, CPC
Success Coach, Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker
International Business Coaching, Life Coaching & Training from Seattle, Washington

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More Testimonials:  

From me - It really is rather remarkable to work with me.  What you'll
hear over and over from my clients is that I have a gentle way of digging
deep and challenging you, while being your biggest fan.  I mix that with
straight forward, simple business building concepts.  It helps you see who
you are and what you really are capable of.  So you have both the
confidence and tools to play bigger and increase your impact and profit,
all in ways that work for you.  

My personal mission (and what I love) is helping you succeed at making
your difference in the world.  If you're curious, sign up and find out.  

To Your Success!

From My Clients:

"I enjoyed the process of working with Lisa as much as I enjoyed the
results.  She recognizes that edge where an action goes from exciting to
fear producing and finds a way to make change possible while still being

Lisa helped me to create a much more positive, optimistic, wide open way
of being in the world that produced measurable results.  [She] helped me
to change “the way things are”- and that's an amazing thing."  
– Susan
Snyder, Golden Light Qigong

One of Lisa’s many talents as a coach is that she makes you stretch in a
gentle, sensitive and well-timed way.  Thanks to Lisa’s help, I’m not
panicking about running my own business anymore and I believe I can do
this, and I’ve gotten a lot done. I’m making more money, I have a web
site and my business is up and running.  
– Thomas Bonin, RFP Consulting,
Seattle, WA

Sometimes a great athlete needs a great coach to get to an even higher
level of performance. I needed a push to personally break out to a new
level of performance and needed a great coach to push me beyond my
own self-imposed limitations. When my self talk was limiting she
immediately pointed it out; when I was right on on what I needed to do
next, she was reassuring yet pressed me to think even bigger. Her
recommendations on techniques to expand my horizons were quite
creative, things I wasn't thinking of but needed to do.

I have been working with Lisa for about 6 months now, and I hope that
she can continue to coach me to even higher performance and greater
success. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to get out of
the box and realize his or her real potential. As my very own personal
professional development and success coach, I give her 5 stars!!!!!”  

- Randall W. Chapman, Vice President for Corporate Development at
SAIC, Col, USAF, Ret., PMP, Quantum Radical, Centreville, VA

More Testimonials
Entrepreneur Coach
Lisa K Bradley Business Coach
Phone:  206.937.1037