Before working with Lisa I had toyed for a year with the idea of hiring a business/life
coach. When I met her at her mastermind event, I knew I’d found my coach!

Lisa has a terrific combination of no-B.S. sensibilities wrapped in a nurturing, warm,
encouraging persona.  Lisa's coaching has set me on a lifelong path of confident
accomplishment. She’s given me the tools and structure to live every day powerfully.
My business is growing (in a recession, mind you!), I am fit and healthy, and my
relationships. . . both personal and business. . . have never been stronger or more

If you’re considering hiring Lisa as a coach but find that you’re hesitant for any reason,
take advantage of her free Strategy Session. Like me, you might find that it’s your first
step into a most gratifying future.
- Jess Robinson, LithtexNW

In the few short months I worked with Lisa, I went from kicking around an idea for a
new company with a partner to launching the company and landing paying clients.  This
would not have happened had I not been focused on opportunities and making things
- Joan Melgaard, Co-Founder and Director, Hague Compliance

I love Lisa.  Here focus and attention to detail have been superb.  What is important for
me is how easy it is to open up with Lisa and unearth what will serve and support me to
live a full and visionary life.  I feel blessed.
 - Scott Wurtz, Seattle, WA

"In the three months I've been working with Lisa, I've accomplished more than I ever
thought possible. Lisa believes in me and the work I do, and her confidence is just the
boost I need to really dig in and grow my business. I feel excited and capable after our
weekly talks and I always hang up the phone with several new great ideas.

The biggest personal change I've made is I no longer let fear, or nerves, get in my way
of getting started. This shift in my mindset has led to new clients, a new and improved
website that I'm proud of, and a clear vision of how to grow my business. As a small
business owner, it's easy to feel overwhelmed but having Lisa in my corner makes it
that much easier." - Jamie Shannon, Bellingham, Wa
Life Coach for Teens & The Anchor

"It's hard to find words for my wonderful experience working with Lisa. The best way I
can describe her is she's my Zen Business Therapist. She has an excellent balance of
optimistic support mixed with purposeful drive that helps me stay on task without
beating myself up. The result is that I have grown mentally and spiritually while
advancing as an entrepreneur. The encounter has been beyond all of my expectations!"
- Aubrey Lesicki, Seattle, WA
breastremedyseattle.com & newschoolofbodywork.com

"Sometimes a great athlete needs a great coach to get to an even higher level of
performance. I needed a push to personally break out to a new level of performance
and needed a great coach to push me beyond my own self-imposed limitations. When
my self talk was limiting she immediately pointed it out; when I was right on on what I
needed to do next, she was reassuring yet pressed me to think even bigger. Her
recommendations on techniques to expand my horizons were quite creative, things I
wasn't thinking of but needed to do.

I have been working with Lisa for about 6 months now, and I hope that she can
continue to coach me to even higher performance and greater success. I would
recommend her to anyone that is looking to get out of the box and realize his or her
real potential. As my very own personal professional development and success coach, I
give her 5 stars!!!!!”  
- Randall W. Chapman, Vice President for Corporate Development
at SAIC, Col, USAF, Ret., PMP, Centreville, VA
www.Quantum Radical.com

"I will be forever grateful for Lisa. I was supremely stuck and feeling pretty hopeless. I
had been looking for work for 10 months, going on interviews and not being selected.
My feelings of rejection were sabotaging everything in my life. Lisa helped me to
remember that I am talented and worthy of all of my dreams coming true. She helped
me to figure out "What do I REALLY want". Her encouragement has been invaluable.

Lisa is intuitive, bright, skilled, compassionate and the BEST cheerleader anyone could
hope for. Her coaching is not just about meeting goals, she helps you see your most
bright and shiny self achieving fantastic aspirations. Monday is the first day of my new
job in my exciting new career."
- PJ Harris, Seattle, WA

"Lisa is the perfect combination of tough and gentle, leader and spectator, teacher and
friend. In the time I've been working with her my life and business have completely
transformed. I'm living my dream and loving every minute of it!"
- Jeff Tolbert, Film
and Video Composer, Seattle, WA

"Lisa has been so great to work with! She asked the important questions that helped me
discover the answers I may have known all along but wasn’t open to seeing. Her
encouraging and caring, yet tough, approach to both life and business helped me to
make changes in my business that I didn’t think were possible before."  
- Heidi
Skievaski, Sublime Garden Design

I enjoyed the process of working with Lisa as much as I enjoyed the results.  She
recognizes that edge where an action goes from exciting to fear producing and finds a
way to make change possible while still being enjoyable.
I have changed the foundation of my thinking, feeling, and perceiving. Lisa helped me
to create a much more positive, optimistic, wide open way of being in the world that
produced measurable results.  Even when I had a growth spurt followed by a relapse, I
didn’t worry or think the relapse would last forever.  Lisa helped me to change “the way
things are”- and that's an amazing thing.  
– Susan Snyder, Golden Light Qigong

One of Lisa’s many talents as a coach is that she makes you stretch in a gentle,
sensitive and well-timed way. Using this and her other many skills as a coach, she
helped me get out of my persistent negativity, which isn’t an easy thing to do, and I
appreciated that. Thanks to Lisa’s help, I’m not panicking about running my own
business anymore and I believe I can do this, and I’ve gotten a lot done. I’m making
more money, I have a web site and my business is up and running.  
– Thomas Bonin,
RFP Consulting

I highly recommend Lisa Bradley as a coach. In just 3 short months I went from
feeling like I getting nowhere fast to finding a great job - even in a tough economy -
making valuable new friendships and really getting the life I want.  
- Dana Sprinkel,
Graphic Design
www.Dana Sprinkel.com

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lisa as my coach. She challenged me to rethink my
focus from merely looking for a job to opening up to new possibilities. Initially, I was
unable to answer the question:  what is my heart’s desire? Because my career pursuits
had been so practical, I had forgotten what I truly love to do. As I answered tough
questions and followed the process each week, I was able to rekindle my dreams.  I
took a chance and put my real desires “out there.” The universe responded.  An
opportunity to join a socially responsible startup business came from ‘out of the blue’. I’
m on my way:  learning, growing, and enjoying what I’m doing.  
- James Wilson

Lisa is an amazing coach. I have made a quantum leap in my practice and my life
through her skilled and incredibly caring approach. Lisa personifies what it means to “be
a coach” not just “doing coaching.”  
- Richard Baum, Career Coach, Palo Verde, CA

I had an amazing coaching session with Lisa.  I had a glimmer of a great idea that I
just could not get a hold on.  But with her grace, delicacy and laser sharp insight, in a
matter of minutes the idea was clear, concise, and had a set of tangible goals
associated with it.  Lisa is a remarkable gift to those of us who need a bit of help
achieving our full potential.  
- Christian Jacobsen, Seattle, WA

If you're looking for a positive respectful coach who will encourage you to push you
past your own perceived limitations -- look no further than Lisa's shining face!  -
Michelle Basey, Massage Therapist, www.lovepeacelight.com

WOW! I just had a coaching session with Lisa and it was OH-mazing!  Tears, laughter,
joy, fear, excitement...very exciting! You should have seen my the power in my stride
as I walked away after our phone consultation! All that over the phone.  Awesome! -
Amy Woidke, Green Interior Decorator, www.ecokinddesign.com

Lisa's positive, affirming personality is her "secret weapon" and an incredible asset to
her clients. Her optimism is infectious.  What a great coach to work with!  She is a
gifted, open-hearted leader. She'll inspire you to reach for what you really want.  -
Applebaum, PhD, www.maraapplebaum.com

    It really is rather remarkable to work with me.  If you're ready to be supported in
    going for the success that you want Sign-up for your personal strategy session.  
    Find out what you and I can do to support you in building the life and business
    you desire.

       Your future starts today and I want to help you make it extraordinary!
Be someone amazing... Be Your Self!©
Lisa K. Bradley, CPC
Success Coach, Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker
International Business Coaching, Life Coaching & Training from Seattle, Washington

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