Thinking Better… to Play Bigger.

Are your wanting to take your self and your business to the next level but for some reason it just isn’t working?

When we think about ourselves or an area of our businesses we can either think about what we want to create and how we’ll do that – appreciating what is and adding value to it.  Or, think about what we don’t have and what’s wrong, depreciating the good we have.

In the back, or front, of many people’s minds are, “not good enough” thoughts. Whether those thoughts are about their business, their product, their service, their skills in a certain area or themselves… and of course, that’s on a relative level – you might be making $1 million a year and be feeling not good enough to make or do more. It’s hard to sell your product, service, or your self if you’re feeling and believing that some part of it or you is not good enough to go to that next level.

The thing is, we are the creators of our thoughts, our thoughts lead to our beliefs, our beliefs to our actions… What we believe and feel about our selves is our choice, one thought at a time.  It may not seem like it.  It may seem our beliefs are steeped in facts.  It may seem that our history proves those beliefs but our histories are built on a series of choices, based upon our thoughts and beliefs.  And, the way we look at our past is based on our perspective.  Those beliefs and perspectives are all based on us, and the thoughts we choose to think moment to moment.  Our history isn’t our destiny, it is just what we created in the past with what we believed and the choices we made.  We have the choice and the power to build something new right now.

Have you heard of the story of Bunker Bean? It was a novel written about 100 years ago. The story tells about a man who had low self-esteem and doesn’t do well in life. Then Bunker made a new friend, a medium, whom he believed in. This friend told him that the down part of his life would soon be over.  He also told him that he had been Napoleon in a past life. Well, Bunker Bean feeling so powerful and good about himself went from there, with new beliefs about himself, made new choices, took bigger actions, and became much more successful. Everything in his life changed for the better… he studied Napoleon and imitated him… he also realized that he himself possessed some of those good qualities that Napoleon had possessed.

Bunker went from feeling not-good-enough, to feeling possibility. He went from thinking about what he didn’t possess within himself, to thinking about what he did. He went from thinking about what he hadn’t done, to thinking what he could do, and finding out how to do it. That’s thinking like a winner.

Today, are you thinking about what you don’t have, what you’ve never done, what doesn’t work and deciding you can’t or aren’t good enough? You could think about:

  • What you will do?
  • What you will learn and grow to get there?
  • The good, skills, talent and experience you already possess?
  • Who can help you – whether in person or reading a book about someone?
  • What steps you will take today to move your forward?

It took Bunker Bean having someone tell him that he’d been someone powerful and important in his past.  So, what do you need to believe about yourself and what you’re capable of? What if I told you that you, a member of the human race, are related to the most powerful people that are or ever have been.  That you are capable of that greatness too? What if you knew, you have within and available to you what the most successful people in the world have.  You do.  Simply speaking, think of how amazing it is that we learn to walk, to talk, to communicate… add to that all the things that you’ve done in your life.  Make a list.  Add them up.  Remind your self how special and capable you are.  See that you can do what’s next, and then the next thing, and soon when you look back you will have a different history.

YOU are magnificent!  YOU are capable of making the world a better place!  YOU are capable of great things!  YOU are someone so special.  OWN IT!  USE IT!  Go For Extraordinary!

So, what’s your next step?  Go take it… Go do something equal to how great you are so you know it!


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